Personal Fit Process

A good pair of running shoes is a great investment for you and your feet. At The Runner’s Soul, we understand your shoes are a big decision. Every foot is different, and we treat every pair of feet like the unique set they are. Our well-trained staff prides themselves on helping you find your perfect pair of shoes.

Every customer, regardless of experience, receives a biomechanical foot and gait evaluation. This involves:

  • Discussing the current footwear you use and your fitness activities and goals
  • Looking at the various arch types; high/rigid, medium and low
  • Completing a visual or video gait analysis
  • Evaluating how the foot transfers the runner’s or walker’s load (body weight) from landing zone, mid-foot support and finally thru propulsion or toe off
  • Determining if the foot supinates (rolls to the outside) remains neutral or has some level of pronation (the rolling in of the foot)

Through the use of a treadmill and camera, our comprehensive fit process looks at what your foot does when it is motion. We look at the shape of your foot, and how your foot absorbs forces; this information allows us to determine the type of support needed in a running shoe, and a recommendation is made.

At this point, you are presented with an assortment of shoes that will work with your foot type. All you have to do is determine which one feels the best on your foot!