Need Motivation to Run? How about a race goal!

So it’s the new year and maybe you’ve been running for a while, or maybe this year you thought you would try running but are worried that you may not have the incentive to keep going. How to help solve that? Try signing up for a small race or a fun run. What a better way to set a goal and have some fun too!

To get to this goal, perhaps you can run with a friend to support each other or maybe join a running group or coach to 5k program  (like we have here at The Runner’s Soul) to help you get to your first race.   There are many benefits for you and this article in About Health can give you a few more ideas as to why running a race this year can help meet your 2015 fitness or running goals.

7 reasons to run a Race 


Posted on January 23, 2015 .