Summer Running Tips and Upcoming Races

Summer Running- We’ll all have a blast! 

Summer’s here!!  Time for some more races and to just enjoying the season. Congratulations you’ve officially made it to warmer weather!  After our three official days of Spring we will be soon in the glorious days of full-on summer fun. 

We, too are excited about the races and the longer days. But as you know we don’t do anything half-way in Chicago and with that it’s important as you start more activities to be aware of the inevitable upcoming higher heat.  With proper prep and some adjustments you can still enjoy some great runs in the sun. 

Here’s an article from Competitor Magazine to provide some guidance on being hydrated and adjustments to keep you healthy and happy.  Summer Precautions In The Heat

Also, check out some of our races that we’re participating in and come join us as we run for fun and for raising funds for the many worthy causes in our area.  Up Coming Races

Enjoy the Weather, we’ll see you on the road- or at the barbecues!