Pre- Race Fall Tune-Up Seminar Sept 17th

Pre-Race Tune-Up  Seminar Sept. 17th 6:30 p.m. At Our La Grange Location

Criag Mawdsley, Doctor of Physical Therapy from Clarity Physical Therapy RSVP by emailing us here

Talk with and learn from the Doctor about flexibility and injury prevention which is common in runners, athletes and walkers. 

This session will offer valuable information on your pre race health, but will focus largely on Q and A. Dr.Mawdsley will dedicate a large portion of his presentation to Q and A, in order to answer all your questions and create a valuable dialogue to encourage learning and sharing experiences of all runners.

Pre-Race Tune Up for Fall Racers

Topics include:
          - Importance of flexibility for optimum performance on race day
          - Proper warm up/cool down
          - Best exercises to maximize performance and reduce last
minute injuries

Learn what to be aware of and get answers to some of your particular issues and RSVP by emailing us here