Seminar Series: What Every Runner Needs to Know with Sergio Rojas CSCS

Join us in La Grange for an amazing seminar series What Every Runner Needs to Know with Sergio Rojas CSCS.  

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February 25

Understanding how to identify imbalances in your body that often lead to pain and injury; as well as learning corrective exercise strategies to bring your body back into balance

March 11
Seminar 2:  GOAL SETTING

Identifying fitness or running goals that motivate and inspire you, as well as keep you on track. Not everyone is driven by the same types of goals

April 15
Seminar 3:  NUTRITION

Athletes’ bodies demand better nutrition. Learn how certain products that are marketed as ‘healthy’ and ‘performance’ based may actually be causing us more harm than good. Learn about optimal pre and post workout nutrition.

April 29

Cross training enhances running when done properly. Most people cross train in a way that actually hinders running performance and or increases the risk of injury. 

Rojas is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), post-rehab specialist, and Qigong and meditation instructor in Chicago. He's trained clients of all kinds, but particularly athletes—he was the strength coach for the WNBA's Chicago Sky. Outside of the gym, Rojas has a weekly fitness segment on NBC5 News in Chicago.